Spare parts


Grzegorz Miter

Sales Representative
+ 48 513 049 556

The spare part department offers a very broad assortment of solutions, which makes it possible to shorten the purchase process as much as possible in accordance with our striving to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions.

Our offer includes all elements required for unloading products from silo semi-trailers such as hoses, connectors, seals and valves as well as parts for repairing compressors or silo semi-trailers themselves. We offer spare parts regardless of the type or manufacturer of the device or the silo semi-trailers. Contact us also when you are looking for second-hand parts.

We have original and generic parts. If you need consultations and advice, we invite you to contact us and to see our complete offer at our online shop.


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Packages are shipped using the DHL and Raben courier companies.

All packages are shipped so that they can reach their recipients safely without being damaged; however, damage to the package may occur during transport. Always check the package in the presence of the delivery person and write a report if any damage is noticed. The report is needed to submit a claim.

Please consider your purchases carefully; however, if you want to return any goods, inform the seller about it. The buyer is obliged to send the package back, and if we find that the goods are intact, we will issue a correction invoice.


Our goods come from various manufacturers, so each warranty is considered separately. The service life of each part also depends on where it is installed. To find out more, contact the seller.


Parts for silo semi-trailers

For goods

  • dry grocery products – flour, granulates, sugar and other loose materials that require a white interior
  • liquid grocery products – stainless steel hoses for unloading sugar with a 3″ external thread at the end
  • construction materials – cement, ash, lime, loose adhesives and other construction materials


  • from stainless steel for connecting the compressor with the semi-trailers with an external thread at the end rubber from 180°C to 280°C
  • Storz (steel, aluminium)
  • European TW
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Guillemin
  • Kardan
  • Milky
  • Geka
  • Italian
  • English

Non-return valves:

  • straight “Europe”
  • diagonal
  • flangeless

Safety valves

  • for silo semi-trailers
  • for compressors

Ball valves

  • Ball valve with Teflon
  • Spitzer-type ball valve
  • Feldbinder-type ball valve

Air dampers

  • Prokosch
  • Ako
  • Membranes for dampers

Ball valves for goods

  • Two sizes
  • Ball valve with blast
  • Blast
  • Repair kits for valves

Flap valves

  • Ebro flap valve
  • Parts for valves

Steel valves

Seals for covers to:

  • Feldbinder
  • Spitzer
  • Omeps
  • Kaessbohrer
  • Benalu
  • Welgro
  • Lag

Universal seals per metre: 10×10, 15×15, 20×20

Cover screws: Spitzer, Feldbinder

  • Peep holes
  • Peep hole glasses
  • Cone strainer for peep glass holes or unloading duct
  • Thick-walled unloading fittings (stainless steel)


  • large (100mm)
  • small (63mm)
  • lower
  • back
  • Clamps for tubing installation
  • Brackets for hose installation
  • Clams protecting reduction and connectors against unfastening
  • Rubber mallets
  • Electric pumps
  • Strainers for silo semi-trailers: Omeps, Feldbinder, Spitzer
  • Vibrators (photographs, table)
  • Microfilters (photographs)
  • Accessories for protecting barriers
  • Barrier connector: lock, fastening, actuator
  • Hose compartments: tubes, fastenings, doors, end caps, locks, keys for compartments
  • Support legs (feet): front/back, steel/aluminium
  • Coolers: oil, air
  • Fans

Parts for compressors

Cardan shafts

  • Shafts
  • Crosses

V-belt pulleys: size 13 and 17

Inserts for V-belt pulleys

Air filters:

  • Donaldson, large
  • Donaldson, small

Inserts for air filters: Betico, Blackmer, Donaldson, GHH, Riwo, RTI, Star

Filtering mat for structures