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Since the beginning of its operation, Hydro-Truck has been offering compressors for unloading products from silos and cisterns from all reputable global companies.

Our offer includes all kinds of compressors according to the type of the unloaded product and the design of the device itself. Our service ensures professional installation, warranty and post-warranty services and the possibility of installation at the clients’ company. We cooperate with truck dealers.

We produce a lot of subassemblies of installations, which allow for reducing the time of all services provided. Additionally, our offer includes refurbished compressors (also brand new ones) and second-hand ones. We also manufacture our own stationary structures for compressors, driven by electric or combustion engines.

We accept used compressors from our clients as a trade-in.

Additionally, we offer stationary compressor aggregates with an electric motor and a diesel engine for the pneumatic unloading of loose materials.

Elastic solutions

  • new compressors
  • second-hand compressors
  • refurbishment

Available types of compressors

  • oil-free
  • screw
  • piston
  • hook and jaw
  • stationary ones

Manufacturers in our offer

  • Mouvex Blackmer
  • GHH Rand
  • Betico
  • CWS
  • Gardner Denver
  • Braetsch
Compressors renovation process