Painting of silo semi-trailers and tanks

Extraordinary sizes

Krzysztof Chankiewicz

Service Manager

+ 48 517 141 898

We provide painting services for all kind of silo semi-trailers. We have a specially equipped industrial paint shop that allows us to paint any silo semi-trailer or tank with the highest quality in a very short time. We also have three preparatory stations, so we are able to prepare and painting several trailers at the same time. This results in outstanding performance up to 25 silo semi-trailers a month.

The experience and knowledge of our employees guarantees the quality of the painting services provided. At the same time the high quality materials used allow us to provide a guarantee for the entire production process. Our paint stations are equipped with modern equipment and the trailers are specially prepared for painting during sodification process.

The sodification is a process of purifying and modifying the shape of steel elements using abrasive materials. For this the compressed air or liquid stream is used. This process strengthens, cleans and polishes metal. The main reason for sodification is to get rid of rust, paint residues or varnishes – after this process the steel surface becomes smooth and clean for further painting.

Why to choose us

Short service time
Performance up to 25 per month
Experience in painting large items
High quality service thanks to the best materials
Repeatability of services